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What was your childhood ambition?

What if you rediscovered it as an adult?


While visiting his parents’ home in Central New York, Joe Granato discovered a box of forgotten illustrations, designed by he and other eight-year-old neighborhood friends—concepts for a video game for the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. He decided it might be fun to try to realize those ambitions.


But instead of creating it for a mobile device or modern console, he set out to use the same techniques and adhere to the same limitations that would have been employed in 1988 to make a new cartridge-based game actually playable on the now-archaic hardware.


Gathering a small team of modern creatives, what began as an explorative novelty project about building a video game for a system 30 years removed from relevance escalated to a two-year, ten-thousand-mile journey into an esoteric subculture made up of devotees to creating new NES games; artists who thrive on limitation.


“This guy built the 8-Bit game he dreamed of as a kid, and it’s glorious!”

— Thomas Harlander, Los Angeles Magazine


“Inspiringly frustrating and delightfully anachonistic.”

— Chris Kaltenbach, Baltimore Sun


“A compelling story, even for people with no interest in video games.”

-— Marty Clear, Bradenton Herald


“A heartfelt, stirring indie game development documentary.”

— Phil Villareal, COED Magazine




Adam F. Goldberg - creator: ABC’s The Goldbergs

Piers Anthony - bestselling fantasy novelist

David Sardy - Grammy Award winning producer and composer

Howard Phillips - creator: Nintendo Power Magazine

Samuel Claiborn - Managing Editor: IGN

James Rolfe - The Angry Video Game Nerd

David Markey - filmmaker: 1991: The Year Punk Broke

                                                    ...and many others.


Color, 111 Minutes



FlyingCar Pictures


Director: Joe Granato IV







The New 8-Bit Heroes is a blueprint for turning dreams into reality. Five out of five stars.”

— Matt Aspin, Horror Geek Life






We're blessed to know many talented musicians, and we are very excited about the sonic wallpaper that lined The New 8-bit Heroes.  While we're not putting out an official soundtrack in a traditional sense, we've provided links to all of the amazing artists so that you can construct your own by supporting them directly.

The Mayan Factor - A Life and a Shovel

Folk Implosion - Brand of Skin

Folk Implosion - Releast

Contra - Echoes of Erdrik

Jesse Quattro - Don’t Say No

Beemo - Allyson

Red Valley Nursery - Monster Strut

Beemo - The Long Sleep

Tears of Mars - DotDotDot

Jawbox - Breathe

Paradrei - Lead Blanket

Jawbox - Green Glass

Paradrei - Brain Dead Me

Jawbox - Savory

Paradrei - I Can See

Rezin - Solipsism

Orange Horse - A Wolf Among Scrubs

Duffin & Ladd - Without You

Orange Horse - Hatch

The Toadies - We Burned the City Down

Too Bad - Pain Killer

Eat Your Neighbors - Passive Aggressive Epithet

Magic Bullet Theory - If I Was

Eat Your Neighbors - Amative Cataclysm

Rocky Mountain Fast Guy - Whiskey In the Wine

Eat Your Neighbors - Put On the Tea

Corduroy 9 - Rimmer

Eat Your Neighbors - Whiskey Flies

Josiah Orsie - Great Pass

Eat Your Neighbors - Absent

Josiah Orsie - Repentance

Eat Your Neighbors - Box

Acacia Sears - Whole Wide World

Sons of the Radio - The Fifth Step

Joe Granato IV - Hero's Theme

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