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Build Your Own 8 Bit Nintendo Game
No Coding Required
Simple to use NES game development software perfect for complete beginners as well as game developers

Create your game.  Play it in your favorite emulator.  Flash it to a cartridge and play it on real hardware.  NESmaker's intuitive front end allows newcomers to create NES games without any programming knowledge while advanced users can write custom engines from the ground up.

Thousands of users worldwide are using NESmaker to create new experiences for the classic console.  The community is helpful and supportive of new users.  We're all here for one reason, and that's to see awesome new 8-bit games, and to keep the system alive for the next generation.  Enter the main site to see how to get started, and to see what others are working on!

-  what is  -

NESmaker is an intuitive game design
platform that empowers you to build
amazing NES games no matter your skill level! 

Beginners can get started with no experience, using pre-existing modules and assets and tutorials that will teach you from the ground up!

Advanced users can go so far as to create entire engines from scratch, using a tool chain designed specifically for NES development!

-   How Do I   -

make a Game?

1. Download NESmaker

A download link to the software will be emailed to you once your purchase is complete.

2.Enter Your Activation Key

Enter the activation code found in your confirmation email.

3. Create Your Game and Play!

With thousands of active users, helpful guides, and tutorials available, getting started is easy. Play on emulators, or order a cartridge flasher from Infinite NES Lives to play on real hardware!

-   Play it On   -


Once you create your game, you can play it on anything.  You can play it in your favorite emulator (either on PC or Mobile). Or just flash it to a cartridge and play it on real hardware by downloading the additional software and getting the flasher.

-   Learning   -

Made Easy

After you have activated NESmaker, head to the LEARN page.  There, you can see how to get started with NESmaker using the prebuilt modules.  It teaches you to start building simple games without writing any code.