Adventure Game Basics - Part 13: Making sure patches are up to date

Between showing you guys how to do versioning and then backing out of progress to create tutorials based on new script versions, it's possible some wrongs scripts were included in some places. Along with at least one patch that deals with animation end events, here are some of the relevant patches that are working for me that seem to be broken for others.

Get final platform tutorial patches here.

Here is where to place them:

PATCH FOLDER - main patch files necessary for all modules:

bank18.asm replaces file in Base_4_5/System/BankData

doUpdateSpriteTimer.asm replaces file in Base_4_5/Game/Subroutines

MOD_2wayPlatformer - module specific patch files we are using:

The files contained in this folder should overwrite their corresponding files in the same folder common scripts will replace files in the MOD_2wayPlatformer/Common, and subroutine scripts will replace files in the MOD_2wayPlatformer/Subroutines.

Presuming that your script definitions are set up correctly, this should fix some of the problems some of you have been having.

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