Adventure Game Basics - Part7: Small Patch

Updated: Jun 16

Some of you may have noticed that your lock block leaves the top left tile in place, where as with my example, the lock went away completely. Patching this file will fix it. This is an overall engine patch, so it should go in your main subroutines folder, located at Base_4_5\Game\Subroutines. Download and unzip the attached file. Copy it and paste it there, overwriting the existing one.

The change is that it resets the drawing offset when the routine is finished.

Here is the patched file:


Note - you can also edit the InstantActivateText and ActivateTextTrigger scripts. Currently, they are both set to "0" as a default, but if you set them to the screenText, they will observe the text of the screen from the screen group. Images below:

Also, a fix that will be patched soon in general is in the doObjectAction script. Right now it will only allow you to do the first 8 actions, because it only views three bits (8 possible value) when comparing which action to do. This is a very simple script edit - one value from a 0 to a 1. You can see it in this image. This is in the doObjectAction.asm script in the subroutines folder.

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