NESmaker 4.5 is here!

NESmaker 4.5 is here, and it's time for camp! A few important things to know:

1) Your license will continue to work. In fact, there is no problem running both versions on your computer. It is not advised to literally have both versions open at the same time, and this can lead to problems, but you can close one version, then open another, and there shouldn't be any issues.

2) What comes with the download is a very basic module, but this basic module is very robust! Go to the "LEARN" link to get started. Even though for some of you who have been using NESmaker for a while a lot of this might be redundant, you will find lots of new surprises as you go through it. And we will be using that completed tutorial product going forward with our Camp NESmaker series to prepare for byte off, so you will definitely want to work through all of the steps to create that small game.

3) With the new tutorial, we tried a new approach - it has clickable links to repeat a step or to move on to the next. It even has a table of contents if you ever need to get back to reference a step - it's all in the same video. There will also be smaller YouTube videos, of course, but we really liked this method of online instruction of this software. We are curious to hear your thoughts!

4) Feel free to play with the other graphic assets in the tutorial folders, all created by our amazing NESmaker community for different time periods for our protagonist to explore!

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