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Which Flasher Do You Have?

Different flashers require slightly different code to function properly, but all it requires is to replace the "FLASHER" folder that is inside your NESmaker folder. Look at your flasher, and then compare it to the images below. If your flasher looks like the INL Flasher, chances are your flasher folder is already correct, but if you do want to replace it, you can download the zip file and follow the instructions below. If your flasher looks like the RetroStage flasher (RS), you likely need to download and replace the Flasher folder with the instructions below.

STEP 1: Download the Correct Flasher Folder

Download the correct flasher folder from above. 

STEP 2: Unzip the Zip File

Find the downloaded zip file on your computer and unzip it. You should now see a folder called "Flasher" in the unzipped contents.

STEP 3: Replace Flasher Folder in NESmaker

Inside your NESmaker folder, you'll see a folder called Flasher. You can delete this folder, and copy the newly downloaded flasher folder in its place. Now NESmaker should be good to go with whichever flasher you are usin

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