NESmaker For Education

NESmaker is currently part of several educational institutions around the world, and is being used in environments ranging from elementary classrooms through college courses.  We would love to see this passion shared with the next generation of game developers.  If you are an educator interested in bringing NESmaker to your classroom, please contact us through the form on our contact page and let us know a bit more about your program! 

NESmaker Training

**DISCLAIMER: NESmaker 4.5.x is currently in what is essentially a public beta form.  You are cordially invited to join us in its development, and these tutorials will help you with a fundamental understanding of how the tool works!  We are creating new module and assets in real time, and you can follow along and create with us during "Camp NESmaker 2020" (the tutorial series below) to see how it's done!


For access to the previous version and its resources, see the bottom of this page.  You can also run both simultaneously with one license.

From absolute beginners to game development professionals with deep experience in programming for classic consoles, we want NESmaker to be an environment to learn and experiment.  This Camp NESmaker "Orientation Video" for version 4.5 will serve as a great place to get started, and will familiarize users with the basic workflow of the software as they create their first game with the pre-made assets that are bundled with the software download. 

(To view the video in Vimeo, where you can also download, click here - note, downloaded videos will not have the chapter definitions)

You can access the table of contents in the bottom right corner of the embedded video.

Legacied Versions

We know some of you are deep in creation for your games using 4.1.5.  If you are a current user and need access to resources for previous versions of NESmaker, you can access older tutorials and material here.  Please be advised, we are phasing out version 4.1.5.  The tutorials and resources will still be available, however the software version itself will be legacied and no longer available to download as we make the shift to 4.5 and beyond.  You are perfectly free to maintain both versions with your license.  

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