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A NEW 8bit Christmas

Back in the mid 80's, many of us have associated the holidays with Nintendo under the tree. The console, the games, the accessories...well, just because we've grown up does not mean that tradition has to end. We hope there is something here that will help bring out the kid in you or someone you love this holiday season; whether it's enjoying love of retro games, playing new games for classic systems, or even building the NES games you have always daydreamed about, we hope that The New 8-bit Heroes can help make this a new 8-bit Christmas!

The NESmaker Development Kit (v1)

For the first time ever, hardware and software are available in one neat little package. Infinite NES Lives and The New 8-bit Heroes have teamed up to offer the NESmaker Development Kit. The kit comes with an activation for the NESmaker software, a cartridge flasher from Infinite NES Lives, a blank reflashable cartridge, and a USB cable, plus a bonus DVD of The New 8-bit Heroes documentary. If there is a retro game lover on your holiday shopping list, what better gift to give than allowing him or her the ability to make their own NES game?


**If you missed the opportunity to purchase this item this holiday season, know that you can still begin your NESmaker quest right now with the software, and always add on hardware when it is back in stock. If you are looking to give NESmaker as a physical gift, you can still do that too, with the NESmaker listing below. 


NESmaker is the easiest and best way to begin your journey into NES development. This package comes with a license for NESmaker as well as a DVD of The New 8-bit Heroes documentary. 

You can begin building your game with this software and play your games in your favorite emulator. Later, you can add optional Infinite NES Lives flashing hardware to port your games to real cartridges to play an actual hardware!

Mystic Origins - LIMITED

An adventure game for the NES, this is the project that inadvertently spawned the NESmaker tool set. In this game, enjoy exploring a landscape full of perilous swamps, deep caves, dark forests, and fantastic monsters. Prepare for the forthcoming Mystic Searches with this prequel quest.

Mystic Origins comes with bitbox case, game, and manual. This NES adventure will make a great addition to anyone's retro library!

There is a limited quanity of this item left, and likely a new run will not be completed until Mystic Searhces is finished.

The New 8-bit Heroes BluRay

While visiting his childhood home, filmmaker Joe Granato discovered forgotten illustrations - concepts he and neighborhood friends created in 1988 for a video game for the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. What begins as a novelty project about creating a new game for the archaic NES becomes a journey of self discovery that examines the value of the ambitions we leave in our youth.

Featuring: Howard Phillips, James Rolfe, John Lester, Pat Contri, David Sardy, Piers Anthony, Jake Kauffman, Adam Goldberg, Normal Caruso, Mark Ericksen, and many more.

This BluRay offers an additional two hours of footage including a deleted sequence, a short film about the influence of the Legend of Zelda on modern creatives, and extended interviews.

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