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This NESmaker branded INLretro USB Programmer with NES connector will allow users to flash their NESmaker games to a compatible NES cartridge with an easy click of a button. Plug it into a free USB port on your computer, pop a cartridge on it, and hit the "Make Cartridge" button inside NESmaker. Thirty seconds later, your game will be ready to play on real NES hardware and most clone systems.

INL NESmaker Cartridge Flasher with Housing

  • As of right now, we are working to regularly have these items in stock. As it is in the post-Covid world, they are mostly made to order a few times per year, which means that from the time of order, they could be six weeks or so from delivery. Please keep this in mind when ordering, that the flashers and blank cartridges could take as long as six weeks to arrive. Thank you so much for understanding as we continue to adjust.

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